Looking Out for Mt. Lookout

Preserve Our Neighborhoods

We are a group of concerned citizens opposing the destruction of a 4.65 acre natural woodland and wildlife habitat in Mt. Lookout, Cincinnati.


What is happening?

A developer with out-of-town investors and no residential development experience is planning to destroy one of the last remaining forested areas of Mt. Lookout, cramming 30 homes into an area where there are only six houses today as part of a cluster housing development.

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Where is this happening?

On 4.65 acres behind Linwood Ave between Sheffield Ave, Beverly Hills Dr, and Richwood Ave.

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What will this do to me and our community? 

  • Exacerbate traffic jams and the risk of accidents on Linwood Ave. A 2011 traffic study by the City of Cincinnati concluded that this section of Linwood Ave already carries 18,000 vehicles per day, and "most midblock crashes occurred between Herschel Avenue and Beechmont Avenue.”

  • Accelerate the trend to overrun the historic beauty of Mt. Lookout and turn it into yet another high-density residential commuter area.

  • Encourage landslides that will threaten neighboring homes. The city's landslide susceptibility map for this area designates over 75% of the site at its highest risk level, and 5 landslides have been identified within 0.5 miles. 

  • Place additional burdens on our schools, police and fire, sewers, and public services. For example, Kilgour Elementary’s current enrollment of 654 students is 45% above its capacity of 450 students.

  • Decimate one of the few remaining natural woodlands and wildlife habitats in our area, home to foxes, owls, hawks, woodpeckers, wild turkeys, and song birds.

  • Diminish the property value of existing homes by building new homes that are comparable in size to nearby existing homes, as demonstrated on Arnold Ave since 2015.

  • Stress storm drain systems and create flooding risks. The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati believes the existing sewer lines on and near the proposed site are insufficient to manage stormwater associated with the development.


“The purpose of Cluster Housing is to provide for efficient and economical development of a specific property while protecting natural open space, ecological, topographical and historic features that may exist on the site from damage that might occur from traditional zoning and subdivision regulations.”

§ 1403-11. - Purpose of Cluster Housing, Zoning Code of the City of Cincinnati



Why is this happening?

  • The developer is trying to exploit the cluster housing guidelines to extract as much monetary value as they can from these larger lots with little regard for how it impacts our community’s personality, history or livability.

  • We favor growth and development, but it needs to respect what makes Mt. Lookout special. Teardowns and lot splits that change the traditional character of our neighborhood are becoming common.

What can I do?


We will keep you posted on next steps, dates for public hearings, and how you can have your voice heard.